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Open Studio 


Do you need a studio to work on your own projects? 

people modelling clay sculpture ceramic pieces

To Join the Open Studio please get in touch  

You will have a studio for you - shared with other Open Studio members  ,
total freedom to create whatever you want and experiment  at your own -ceramics- pace.

You will also enjoy the flexibility  to come when you prefer . 
The Open Studio is for people who have experience and can work  independently.
It is not a class.

We offer :
-A spacious and welcoming studio.
   Bright and clean ,with huge windows and beautiful natural light.
-Different types of clay : black clay, white clay, red clay...
-A variety of glazes , underglazes and oxides. 
-Ample choice of hand building , sculpture and decoration tools/techniques.
(Including a Pyrograph if you want to make your original pottery rolls/stamps).
-A Pottery Wheel. Portable, so you can choose to work standing or sitting.
-A locker where you can leave a box with your things.
-Our air Purifier (specific for ceramic studio dusts, too keep everybody healthy) 
-A cozy area with a sofa  - for a break, nice chats, research...
-Free Wi-Fi
-Coffee and tea . Fridge, microwaves, kettle. 

Open Studio Hours*: 

Monday to Saturday

*Schedule varies according to classes or special events
Individual arrangement can be made to fit your availability , so do get in touch 
Membership - 160CHF / Month 
- Independent and flexible use of the studio up       to 30 hours/Month.   
- 3 Months minimum commitment 

For Members  attending classes
 who want to use the Open Studio   
-2 hours Session :           38chf      
-4 hours Session:            68chf 

A hand shaping clay sculpture
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